Our in-house carpenters are the best in the industry, providing expertise in all facets of woodworking - including framing, trim, and finish work.  

OCBS carpentry services include:

  • Finish, Cabinetry, Joinery & Fine Woodworking

  • Trim, Molding, Doors, Windows, Mantels & Baseboards

  • Framing

  • Wood Replacement Due to Dry-Rot, Infestation & Mold

  • Wood Siding

  • Roofs & Decks

  • Painting, Sealing, & Coating Available For All Wood Surfaces

Community Maintenance

Implementing a regular maintenance program at your Community Association will  greatly reduce common and costly repairs that could become financial liabilities if unresolved.  Monthly, quarterly, or annually, OCBS will tailor a maintenance plan to accommodate your Association's unique needs.

We maintain and repair all building types, including mid-rise, high-rise and mixed-use developments.  Full-time or part-time on-site technicians are available to provide recommendations and repairs as part of your Community's custom maintenance plan.  You can count on OCBS to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should a non-scheduled maintenance emergency occur.  

Examples of common maintenance items include:

  • Lighting & Electrical Work.

  • Rain-Gutter & Downspout Cleaning & Repair.

  • MinorTouch-Up & Repair of Painting & Drywall.

  • Stucco-Patching.

  • Painting & Retouching of Community Signage & Parking Spaces.

  • Temporary Cover-Up, Sandbagging & Dry-Out Emergency Service During Rainy Seasons.

Roofing & Deck Services

A detailed evaluation of your roofing system's current condition by an OCBS roofing technician will generally present alternative repair solutions in lieu of a full roof replacement, saving you time and money.  

Our roofing services include:

  • Site-Wide Complimentary Roofing Inspection.

  • Emergency Leak Cover-Up, Repair, or Full Replacement.

  • Waterproofing.

  • Gutter & Downspout Cleaning & Repair.

OCBS decking services include:

  • Complementary Inspection of Your Current Deck.

  • Repairs, Additions, Replacements & Design Build.

  • Waterproofing & Pedestrian Deck Coatings, Including But Not Limited to Slip Sheet Systems, Fiberglass Coating, Vinyl coating, Urethane Systems, Polyuria Coating, Magnesite Coating & More.

Painting & Drywall

Our painting and drywall services are uniquely designed for each customer based on individual need.  Services include:

  • Full Range of Paint & Drywall, From Patching to Full Renovations.

  • Repair, Retouch & Patching.

  • Color & Texture Matching.

  • Detailed Paint Specifications For Future Reference, Including A Full Manufacturer's Warranty.

Above & Below Grade Waterproofing

Above and below-grade waterproofing are essential to the longevity of a building's life.  A well-established member of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), we are constantly updating our repertoire of techniques and products to provide you with the best quality service available.  

OCBS waterproofing services include:

  • Inspection of Your Current Waterproofing System.

  • Additions or Upgrades to Current Drainage System.

  • Application of Repellents, Coatings, & Sealants.

  • Painting, Grouting, Injection, Patching & Restoration.

Lighting & Electrical

OCBS lighting and electrical services include:

  • Installation, Repair & Maintenance of All Lighting & Electrical Components .

  • Match-Replacement Lighting.

  • Energy-Efficient Lighting & Electrical Components.

  • Installation & Repair of Antique Fixtures.

  • Custom Holiday Lighting Solutions.

Structural Retrofitting

California is our home!  As such we understand the critical importance of keeping buildings and structures up to the latest standards in modern seismic code.  That's why we always adhere strictly to all ADA requirements.  

OCBS Structural retrofitting services include:

  • Complimentary Inspection of Your Current Structure's Condition to Determine What, If Any, Repairs or Upgrades Are Needed.

  • Addition of Shear Wall & Bracing.

  • Column & Beam Jacketing.

  • Addition of Column Members.

  • Fortification of Beams, Slabs, & Walls.

  • Foundations.