Reconstruction Services

When you choose OCBS to head your reconstruction project, you can rest assured knowing that we provide meticulous care for your most valuable asset: your home.  We bring to the table 36 years of experience in HOA communities, as well as mid-rise, high-rise, multi-family, single-family and mixed-use developments.  We offer a comprehensive range of litigation and reconstruction services, including initial non-invasive testing, project management, reconstruction and post-construction maintenance planning for your community.  Familiarity with your project means that you receive streamlined service and custom tailored plans for all repairs and maintenance of your property.

Every project is unique.  That is why OCBS delivers customized, innovative building and renovation plans to reflect each client's distinct sense of style.  We work with you to establish an individual construction plan that complements your personal style, budget and vision.  

Invasive & Non-Invasive Testing

OCBS specializes in a broad range of litigation support, including invasive and non-invasive testing.  Our meticulous team of technicians always leave your property in pristine condition.  We make the process as quick and painless for you, our client, as possible!  

Our workers employ a unique standard in job site etiquette, always upholding the utmost respect for the Homeowner while working on-site.  Job-sites are thoroughly cleaned at the end of each work day.  Additionally, every technician is uniformed with a company shirt identifying themselves as an OCBS employee - so you can rest easy knowing exactly who is working at your property.  

Project Management

As your project manager, OCBS diligently works to provide you with the highest quality product.  Full-service management of your project includes planning, design, construction, commissioning of service experts and closeout.  Scope requirements are tailored to fit your Association's budget and construction schedules are developed that make sense for your individual project.  Any project constraints or additional resource needs are immediately identified and realistic objectives are established to assist you in meeting your goals. We provide a full-time superintendent whose duties encompass ensuring project quality as well as constant, direct communication with the Board of Directors and Homeowners.

Details from start to finish; you receive thorough documentation of the entire investigation process, from preliminary investigation and including all proceeding testing, investigation, and reconstruction.  We provide you with indispensable, detailed information that will be vital to obtaining the settlement that you deserve.  Daily, weekly, and monthly job-site reporting includes scheduling, progress reporting, detailed photo records of all repairs, and documentation of all costs from materials to labor.

Historic Structure Restoration

Historic restoration is about revitalizing a building or property to its original condition.  Historic buildings are a monument to the period in which they were built.  That's why OCBS meticulously strives to retain all materials and features from the original construction.  Original building features are always repaired rather than replaced, when possible.  All new materials are matched to the original design, color, texture, and building materials.  Scopes are always drawn using documented research of the restoration period.  Form and detailing of the original features are our model for all replacements and repairs.

Professional Consultation

Our aim is simple: uncover the root of the problem and provide you with the best possible solution to fix it.  With 30 years of trade experience, our management and technicians provide consultations for a wide variety of client needs, including but not limited to:

  • Project Evaluation

  • Expert Witness Service

  • Construction Trade Consulting

  • Rehabilitation & Reconstruction

  • Cost Estimating